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Hummingbird and Salvia Flower Garden Stake

Hummingbird and Salvia Flower Garden Stake

Of the 300 species of hummingbirds the smallest is the Cuban bee hummingbird, which weighs in at less than a tenth of an ounce! Notoriously quick, hummingbirds elicit squeals of delight when spotted but often flit away far too soon. This stake freezes one mid-air, enjoying a long nourishing drink from a salvia bloom. Celebrate this mighty miniature and add some visual interest to your garden or containers with this handmade, original design. Aged to a lovely patina which will continue to develop over time, it captures the dynamic essence of these incredible birds. Hand-rusted, high-grade steel 7" W x 22-1/4" H x 3/8" thick Weatherproof

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