Gecko Climbing the Wall Recycled Metal Garden Art Handmade in Haiti, 6" X 35"

A gecko leading the butterflies in a merry chase up the garden wall. This is a hand-crafted original piece of Haitian metal art, made from recycled steel drums. It is created in traditional fashion; the artist utilizing simple hand tools for both the cutwork and detailing. A protective, weather-proof coating has been applied, making it suitable for display indoors or out.


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Haitian Metal Art - Sea Turtles - Set of 3

Haitian Metal Art - 	Sea Turtles - Set of 3

Sea turtles frolic as they swim along in the briny sea. Fun to hang in the bathroom, a child's room, or poolside. Set of 3 turtles: Large turtle 12" x 10", mini turtles 5.5" x 4".

Sea Sisters, Mermaid Metal Wall Decor, Haiti Steel Drum Art 17.5" X 7.25"

Sea Sisters, Mermaid Metal Wall Decor, Haiti Steel Drum Art 17.5" X 7.25"

This sculpture has been finished with a clear enamel coating, which will protect it from the elements. However, if it is displayed outdoors, we recommend applying a spray-on clear coat in order to maintain it's fresh-out-of the box look. Five minutes once a year is all it takes. Easy! Hanging your metal art is easy, once you know how. Choose a place it within two design elements that are touching or notched toward the center of the piece and drive a nail into the wall at that point. Using a second and possibly a third nail, place those in other notched areas within the design to secure it firmly. Avoid placing nails in the eyes or mouth. A viewer's eye will go straight to those elements and a nail there will draw attention to itself. You don't want the nails to become part of the details - you want them to "disappear."

Set of 3 Mini Garden Dragonflies, Haitian Recycled Metal Art

Set of 3 Mini Garden Dragonflies, Haitian Recycled Metal Art

In the village of Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti, the air rings with the sound of metal banging against metal. Workshops line the streets of the village and outside each are stacks of discarded 55-gallon drums awaiting transformation. To begin the process, the tops of the barrels are removed and the open barrel is stuffed with straw and dried banana leaves and then set ablaze. This burns out the residue and old paint and strengthens the metal. After the barrels have cooled, they are slit down the side, pried open, pounded flat and sanded down, giving the artist a smooth flat surface, much like a painter's canvas. The artist chalks his design onto the metal and then, using a hammer and chisel, begins the work of cutting the sculpture and giving it form, detail and dimension. When he is satisfied with his results, he pounds his signature onto the sculpture and seals it with a protective, weather-proof finish.These sculptures have been clear coated to protect them from the elements. If they are going to be part of the indoor decor, they will stay just fine - pretty much forever. If they are outside and exposed, they will rust over time. If that's not the look you want and you can head it off, by simply applying a spray-on enamel once a year. It's a snap!These dragonflies hang easily with one nail in the hole provided in the wing. If you want to secure it, or adjust it's flight path, add a second nail in the crook between the lower wing and the body.


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